Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions below and if you have additional questions please email us at

What to do if I have any fish arrive DOA (dead on arrival)?

Always check the number of live fish you receive as well as any fish you had issues with. We do try to add extra fish to each order just in case any do not travel well. For most cases the over count should cover any fish you have issues with. We do our very best to deliver a healthy product, but these are live animals and are susceptible to travel related stress. We do have a Live Arrival Guarantee to make sure you do receive your ordered number of live fish. If you have any issues, please contact us at within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please include your order number as well as the number of live fish you did receive.

How do you size your fish?

We use the industry standard of measuring our fish from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Your fish can fall anywhere between the ordered size range. While we do try to use fish that are in the middle of the size range, you can receive fish that are right at the minimum size. If you are wanting larger fish, we suggest ordering a size up.

What do I feed my fish?

We suggest waiting at least 24 hours after receiving your fish to feed them in order for them to adjust to their new environment. It can take some fish a longer period of time to adjust. Fish are very food motivated and should learn to come up and feed rather quickly. Be consistent with the place and time of day you feed. Any normal fish flake or pelleted food will work. We usually suggest flake food for fish smaller than 3” and a floating pellet for larger fish. Established ponds should have a good build up of natural food for your fish. Also note that as the weather cools, your fish may start eating less food and possibly stop eating over the colder winter months.

We feed all our fish (even the smaller sizes) our floating pelleted food you can find it here.

Can I request specific colors?

We do not take any specific color customization requests for our goldfish, but we can take general color requests for koi. We do have several color specific listings so please check out our koi listings first. We cannot guarantee that all color requests can be filled, but our shipping department will do their best to fill requests from the fish we currently have in stock. To make a color request please email immediately after placing your order with your order number and your requests.

Can I order different quantities of fish?

Due to the cost of shipping, we list our fish at quantities that we think make the most sense. You can request a lesser number of fish, however we require that you purchase what we have listed.

Do you ship overseas or to P.O. Boxes?

These are live fish and at this time we are only shipping inside the continental United States. We cannot ship to a P.O. Box.

How hardy are goldfish, koi, tadpoles, snails, minnows and crawdads?

All of these items are raised in the Midwest. Water temperatures range anywhere between freezing to 85+ degrees. They can adapt to any climate in the United States as long as they are acclimated correctly.