TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Goldfish and koi combo
Koi & Goldfish Combo Pack
TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Goldfish and koi combo
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TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Acclimating fish in a pond
TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Assorted goldfish, shubunkin, sarasa, and common goldfish
TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Goldfish in a pond
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TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Koi in a pond
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Koi & Goldfish Combo Pack

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* FREE SHIPPING Directly From Our Farm to Your Door
* Family-Owned Fish Farm 
* Born and Raised in the USA
* Healthy Fish With Live Arrival Guarantee

This listing is a great starter pond pack and adds the best mix of color for any pond! With both Koi and Goldfish this listing includes a mix of standard fin koi, butterfly fin koi, shubunkins, sarasa comets and common goldfish. Please note the pictures shown above are a good representation of our fish, but not the exact fish you will receive.

Koi that are 4" or smaller do well with our mini pellet floating food. Koi larger than 4" can have either the mini pellets or larger 5mm pellets. 

RESTRICTIONS: Koi are restricted from being shipped into Maine. Buyers are responsible for double checking all local and state regulations before ordering live fish. 

Product Info

Live standard fin koi, butterfly fin koi, shubunkin, sarasa, and common goldfish combo pack 

Born and raised in the USA
All Toledo Goldfish live fish are born and raised on a family farm in the USA. Our farm locations and fish are health certified to insure you are receiving a quality product.


Toledo Goldfish provides FREE SHIPPING on all goldfish, koi, crayfish, minnow, tadpole and snail orders.  We process orders for arrival to your door Tuesday - Friday. We currently utilize FedEx and UPS. We cannot ship products to PO or APO addresses.

Orders placed by 10AM EST Monday - Thursday will ship same day, with orders being placed after the cut-off time shipping the next day. (Orders placed after 10AM EST on Thursdays will ship the following Monday.) 

Live Arrival Guarantee
Toledo Goldfish guarantees your fish will arrive to you in excellent condition or we will ship replacements or refund your purchase. Step by step acclimation instructions will be included with your order to help insure a smooth transition for your fish. If you have any issues with your shipment you can reach us directly at Toledo Goldfish. 

Please note: This item is a living being. We hope your aquatic creature lives a long, happy life! But there is always a chance its lifespan will end prematurely. Before you buy consider the possibility of disappointment about the lifespan. These are live animals and may not survive shipments in extreme heat or cold. We do package our shipments well, but please postpone your order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 45° or above 90°. DO NOT RELEASE AQUATIC CREATURES INTO THE WILD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tim Rudzinski
Excellent service and Fish

This is my 3rd or forth order and I have never had an issue- thank you!

Oel Wingo
The Best

Toledo Never lets you down. Healthy, active fish every time I order. Released this batch and they immediately started jumping and eating water insects! Had me in stitches! Guess they were happy to escape the shipping bag!
NEVER buy from elsewhere!

Steve Behl
Great variety & color

Quick shipment and 1 day delivery. All fish arrived alive with several extras. Quickly adapted to 200 gallon indoor tank.

Excellent healthy fish!

My 12 year old son spent his spring digging a hole and building a pond. We had no idea what we were doing but ordered a mixed pack of 4-5” koi and goldfish. The shipping was excellent. The fish arrived healthy and we had plenty of extras just in case. We’ve had them over a month and they have all survived and have grown quite a bit. We are so happy with Toledo goldfish and will get all of our fish from them going forward!


Wow! The gold fish I received are absolutely awesome! They are jumping and amazing. I started out at a box pet store but was completely unsatisfied with the fish I received. These Toledo fish are as good as it gets. This is where you can get good quality fish. They arrived so healthy, active, and with absolutely gorgeous coloration. Thank You Toledo for making my pond aspirations a reality!!! : )