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Toledo Goldfish Sarasa Brooders


Did you know that goldfish and koi reproduction is called spawning? 

Our fish spawn once a year in the spring. We bring all the parent fish called brooders into our spawning facility and do all our spawning for the entire year within a 6-8 week period. Our brooders are mature males and females. For goldfish, brooders are usually 10-14 inches in size and 2-3 years old. For the koi our brood fish are over 36" and 3-4 years old. Another fun fact is how many eggs each of these brood females carry each year.

One mature female goldfish can have upwards of 20,000 eggs each year and one mature female koi can have 200,000 eggs. Now that is a lot of eggs! You do have to remember that unlike humans that have few offspring but high survival rates, goldfish and koi are on the opposite side of that spectrum having a ton of offspring in hopes that just a few survive.

We do what we can to help make the spawning process as easy as possible on our brooders and then hatch healthy baby fish aka fry that are then released into our mud bottom ponds to grow out. Our fish live 98% of their lives on our farm in our ponds. When they are the size and color we need we then harvest them and bring them to our shipping facility. After the fish are acclimated and checked for health and quality, your order is hand picked by our amazing staff. Your fish are shipped directly from our family fish farm to your door. 

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