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Goldfish Pond Pack #2 (Includes Shubunkins & Sarasas)
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TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Assorted goldfish
TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Assorted Goldfish
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Goldfish Pond Pack #2 (Includes Shubunkins & Sarasas)

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* Born and Raised in the USA
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This combo is a mix of shubunkin and sarasa goldfish.  Goldfish 4" or smaller do well with our mini pellet floating food or flake fish food. Goldfish that are larger than 4" can have either the mini pellets or larger 5mm pellets. Please note the pictures shown above are a good representation of our fish, but not the exact fish you will receive.

Product Info

Live Shubunkin and Sarasa Goldfish Combo
This combo is a mix of shubunkin and sarasa goldfish. Shubunkins are calico blue in color. Sarasa have solid white bodies with red patterns and the common goldfish are solid red in color. This combo of blue and red fish is visually appealing and are sure to stand out in any garden pond, aquarium or tank. Goldfish growth rates are based on food, space, water quality and surrounding environment. Goldfish are omnivores and will eat all types of dried and live food, but basic fish flakes or pellet food will provide the proper diet. Please note the pictures shown are a good representation of our fish, but not the exact fish you will receive.

Born and Raised in the USA
All Toledo Goldfish live fish are born and raised on a family farm in the USA. Our farm locations and fish are health certified to insure you are receiving a quality product.


Toledo Goldfish provides FREE SHIPPING on all goldfish, koi, crayfish, minnow, tadpole and snail orders.  We process orders for arrival to your door Tuesday - Friday. We currently utilize FedEx and UPS. We cannot ship products to PO or APO addresses.

Orders placed by 10AM EST Monday - Thursday will ship same day, with orders being placed after the cut-off time shipping the next day. (Orders placed after 10AM EST on Thursdays will ship the following Monday.) 

Live Arrival Guarantee
Toledo Goldfish guarantees your fish will arrive to you in excellent condition or we will ship replacements or refund your purchase. Step by step acclimation instructions will be included with your order to help insure a smooth transition for your fish. If you have any issues with your shipment you can reach us directly at Toledo Goldfish. 

Please note: This item is a living being. We hope your aquatic creature lives a long, happy life! But there is always a chance its lifespan will end prematurely. Before you buy consider the possibility of disappointment about the lifespan. These are live animals and may not survive shipments in extreme heat or cold. We do package our shipments well, but please postpone your order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 45° or above 90°. DO NOT RELEASE AQUATIC CREATURES INTO THE WILD.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dave Taylor
Shubunkins & Sarasas

The best service and communication anywhere. I'm a repeat customer and will be returning for more!

Susan C Jacobson
Happily surprised

After so many years of buying goldfish from big box pet stores, it was a delight to receive my fish and have 7 of 8 survive after more than a week. Disease free and frisky, they seem to be enjoying their new pond.

Doug Stern
Outstanding Product and Service

Shout out to Margaret for changing my order on a Sunday of a holiday weekend!
Received 14 fish [Sarasas/Shubunkin] overnight. All are in excellent condition. Nice variety of colors and patterns.
I live over an hour away from the closest pet store. These are healthy fish at a reasonable price.

Larry Gilmore
Quick delivery, healthy fish

I had previously purchased koi and was quite happy. I did have a problem with them as I was better at care and they were thriving. My pond was not deep enough and would become a problem later.

Unfortunately, some critters thought my koi were the right size and over a evening killed just about 20 fish all around 8-10 inches
so now starting over.

with goldfish. Everything I have recieved from toledo has been healthy and are thriving They are in 3 different ponds. While goldish can grow large, they don't do so as fast or as big as koi.

Stewart B
Beautiful fish! We could not be happier!

We just had our first pond built. I was apprehensive on where to buy our fish. I did not want to buy fish from a large chain pet store as the fish I've seen there are just not healthy. I found Toledo Goldfish on Amazon. After reading multiple reviews from people stating that after their initial purchase on Amazon, they buy directly from Toledo Goldfish. I ordered this Pond Pack #2 and I got an email explaining how to plan the shipment. I had to delay the shipment for one week due to the heat in my area. At their recommendation I had them ship the fish directly to my local UPS Customer Center so the fish didn't sit in a truck all day. When we got home we opened the box and followed all of the instructions and released the fish in to our small pond. All I can say is WOW! The fish are amazing! They are very healthy. Their color is great. After a few hours they seemed to settle in and become less afraid. This package includes six fish. Three Shubunkin and three Sarasa goldfish. They sent us EIGHT! Four of each. They didn't need to do that.

I am so happy. I have a newly landscaped yard with a beautiful pond. I bought my fish here at Toledo Goldfish who have provided me with the best customer service ever, and I have eight absolutely beautiful fish. I am 58 years old. I have wanted a fish pond since I was 10. It only took me 48 years to do that. This purchase was a big deal to me.

THANK YOU again Toledo Goldfish. I will never buy fish from anywhere else.