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Toledo Goldfish catfish
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Ornamental Channel Catfish

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Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) are the most common catfish specials of North America. Commonly referred to as the “channel cat”, because of the sensory barbels or “whiskers” around the mouth. They are pale gray/blue in color with scattered dark spots.  All catfish are sold as an ornamental species and not for human consumption. Catfish can range in size from 3" to 5". We measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and the fish can fall anywhere in the ordered size range.  Please note the pictures shown above are a good representation of our fish, but not the exact fish you will receive.

RESTRICTIONS: Catfish are restricted from being shipped into IL, IN, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI. It is the buyers responsibility to check all restrictions in their state and county. These catfish are not for human consumption. 

Product Info

Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) are the most common catfish specials of North America. Commonly referred to as the “channel cat”, because of the sensory barbels or “whiskers” around the mouth. It is pale gray/blue in color with scattered dark spots. Fully grown Channel catfish can range from 15 to 24”. Adults have a varied diet and feed on aquatic vegetation, aquatic invertebrates, and small fish. They are bottom feeders and can detect food by touch and smell. They prefer clean well oxygenated water, but can also live in ponds and reservoirs. Please note the pictures shown above are a good representation of our fish, but not the exact fish you will receive.

Born and Raised in the USA
All Toledo Goldfish live fish are born and raised on a family farm in the USA. Our farm locations and fish are health certified to insure you are receiving a quality product.


Toledo Goldfish provides FREE SHIPPING on all goldfish, koi, crayfish, minnow, tadpole and snail orders.  We process orders for arrival to your door Tuesday - Friday. We currently utilize FedEx and UPS. We cannot ship products to PO or APO addresses.

Orders placed by 10AM EST Monday - Thursday will ship same day, with orders being placed after the cut-off time shipping the next day. (Orders placed after 10AM EST on Thursdays will ship the following Monday.) 

Live Arrival Guarantee
Toledo Goldfish guarantees your fish will arrive to you in excellent condition or we will ship replacements or refund your purchase. Step by step acclimation instructions will be included with your order to help insure a smooth transition for your fish. If you have any issues with your shipment you can reach us at

Please note: This item is a living being. We hope your aquatic creature lives a long, happy life! But there is always a chance its lifespan will end prematurely. Before you buy consider the possibility of disappointment about the lifespan. These are live animals and may not survive shipments in extreme heat or cold. We do package our shipments well, but please postpone your order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 45° or above 90°. DO NOT RELEASE AQUATIC CREATURES INTO THE WILD.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
D. B. Frazier
Awesome experience!

I've ordered fish from multiple sources before, and the results vary a lot. Most of the time there is some loss in the number of survivors due to the stress of shipping.

I ordered 50 catfish from Toledo Goldfish.They came carefully packaged, shipped over night, and there was a 100% survival rate, despite the incompetent UPS delivery driver leaving the package in full sun with lots of shade just two feet away, and failing to ring our doorbell like 99% of drivers do. This, despite the large and quite conspicuous "live fish" labels. I did not discover the delivery for a full hour after it's arrival.

It is a testimony to the careful packing that none of the fish were lost. I highly recommend Toledo Goldfish for the meticulous care they take in shipping.

Roy Seeger

We have a few ponds around the house hoping to "wild" our area in mid-city. Toledo is our source for pond stocking and we are never disappointed. Every catfish in our recent order was delivered in perfect condition and there were even a couple extras in case any didn't make the trip. THANK YOU TOLEDO.

Scott D
Great little fish!

They were all very healthy!

10 stars, very healthy high quality fish

Short review: Absolutely fantastic service and wonderful healthy fish!!

Long review: I was legitimately sketched out about these guys being fake mostly on lack of reviews and information other than a small reddit thread. At the time I wanted channel cats they were out of stock. I sent an email to them and got a same day response that they would be back in stock about 2 weeks. Was about 3 weeks and I was checking daily so I emailed again and they said there was a delay but they would have them shortly. Last Friday rolled around and I ordered 50. They shipped on Monday and arrived Tuesday. The packaging was good, one bag full of water and fish inside of a second bag that had some ice packs. the whole inside of the box was insulated and the box was taped well. Box was very obviously labeled "live fish" for the shippers and showed no signs of damage on arrival. I opened the box up and was a little worried to see a few catfish on their sides but it was just because the water level was a little low. Not a single fish DOA. My only complaint was to have just a tad more water (it may have leaked). Channel catfish like most species of freshwater fish turn color when stressed and they were on the lighter color, some were sluggish. However I quickly got them unboxed and in a 5 gallon bucket with an aerator. They very quickly perked up. They also darkened up and started looking much better immediately. I didn't do an exact count but seemed to be a tad over 50. I should note that I'm in northern California and these guys are closer to the east coast so this was a large climate jump for them. Day they arrived was about 70F air temp. I took them up to my landlocked recreational pond and set the bottom of the bucket in the water. I gave it 10 minutes to allow the temperature to balance. Checked with a thermometer. Then every 5 minutes I started adding small portions of water to the bucket. I did this for about half an hour. Overall my acclimation was very slow but these guys just kept perking up more and more. I finally cut them loose in the pond and they all took off pretty quickly, some in a nice little school. only one sat on the bottom for a few minutes before swimming off. They were all very chunky, very lively. This is a huge difference in my previous experience ordering channel cats online. The only other company I have ordered from is called Live aquaponics and I would not recommend them for anything except tilapia. In comparison their fish are very skinny, have DOA's and often a couple die within 24 hrs of being planted. Price per fish is also a couple dollars more.

The combination of customer service, quality fish, fast and free overnight shipping (HUGE) and price per fish, I will be ordering from these guys in the future.

Do your part and make sure you are home when your fish will arrive.

Great Company!