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NEW GOLDFISH | Sabao Goldfish

We another new fish listing for 2024: SABAO GOLDFISH! 

These goldfish have the large round bodies of fantail goldfish but with a single straight tail. This listing is for assorted colors depending on what is in stock, but most commonly red, calico, red & black, or black. 

They are a good size and ready to go straight into your ponds. Sabao goldfish are closely related to Tamasaba goldfish. Tamasaba goldfish have more of a ryukin shaped body while Sabao goldfish have more of a regular fantail body shape. 

Goldfish do well with our mini pellet floating food and goldfish larger than 4" can have either the mini pellets or larger 5mm pellets. 

Check out our SABAO GOLDFISH listing here:

Toledo Goldfish | Sabao goldfish

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