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NEW FISH | Largemouth Bass 🐟

We have a new game fish listing for 2024: LARGEMOUTH BASS (Micropterus salmoides, northern strain)! 

Largemouth Bass are also known as black bass, green trout, bucketmouth, bigmouth bass, or widemouth bass. Largemouth bass have a large mouth that extends past the back of the eye when the mouth is closed. A dark band runs along the side of the body from the head to tail. Coloration is variable, but most commonly a dark green. Largemouth diet consists of bluegill, frogs, insects, fathead minnows, golden shiner minnows and other small fish. These are pellet feed trained bass. The common stocking recommendation is 100 fish per acre stocked. 

Check out our LARGEMOUTH BASS here:

TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Live Largemouth Bass


TOLEDO GOLDFISH | Live Largemouth BassTOLEDO GOLDFISH | Live Largemouth Bass

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